Cassie 121


Cassie [Adopted 3/24/2012] is a 5 year old, tri-colored female cocker who came to us from a commercial breeder. She is an energetic, happy dog. She gets along well with other dogs, though she would probably love to be the only dog in a home, so she can get all of the attention she craves! Cassie is crate trained, and is working on being completely house trained. At this point, she does go to the door when she needs to go out, but if no one sees her do this, she is apt to have an accident. She is a fast learner and aims to please, so we anticipate that she will be house trained soon.

Cassie loves to chase squirrels in the back yard, she walks well on a leash, and she enjoys chewing on nylabones and carrying around stuffed toys (though she doesn’t chew them). Cassie knows her name and comes every time we call her. We are working on “stay” and “sit”, both of which are hard for her to do without wiggling, but she tries! She is a sweet, lovable dog who would make a great pet