angelHovan 121


Hovan [Adopted 6/1/2012] is a wonderful 8 year old male who really owes his life to a Shorewood Volunteer.  He was at a shelter and considered unadoptable because he needed his teeth cleaned and had  the beginning of age related cataracts..  We should all see as well as he does.   Our volunteer spotted him on a visit to the shelter.  She pleaded his case and the rest is history. We understand that Hovan had a history of being picked up by Animal Control and his owners could no longer afford the reclaim fees.   Hovan will require a securely fenced yard or an owner who will walk him on a leash.  We learned that he does know how to open gates when  he was at the groomers.  He has not repeated the performance in his foster home.  He is house trained and crate trained and is really a near perfect dog.  His foster mom adores him.