Izzy [Adopted 9/8/2012] is a 2 year old, black and white female cocker spaniel who came to us from an inner city shelter. She is small, about 18 pounds, and full of energy and curiosity! Izzy is a typical two year old - very interested in everything around her. She feels she has no limits on what she can get into if she sets her mind to it. She is very agile and alert and will hear everything going on around her. Like a two year old, she will use up her energy in a short time and then need to sleep to regain her strength!

Izzy is completely house trained and will tell you when she needs to go outside. She loves to be with people, and she is very loving and affectionate. She feels safest when she can see people she knows. She enjoys being around other dogs, and will share toys with them. Izzy tends to carry toys, especially stuffed toys, around in her mouth rather than chewing them to pieces. She will retrieve toys and bring them back to have you throw them again - over and over!

We are working on training her to walk on a leash. She loves to go for a walk, but would rather run! We have been walking with her attached to the same leash as one of our dogs, and she is improving through example. We have also been working on crate training, which she doesn't like, but which is necessary due to her interest in everything that isn't hers. She is able to be in a crate as long as she can see one of us (such as at night), but when we leave the house, she is upset and will cry for a while, then calm down until she hears something else.

Izzy is an adorable dog who would make a great pet for an active family who is willing to work on reigning in her curiosity.