Jake [Adopted 2/18/2012] is a two year old who came to us from a southern shelter.  He was reportably a cocker but there is no doubt that at forty pounds he is a mix.  We believe that he is a Lab/Cocker cross.  He has the sweet temperament of both breeds and the energy level of a young Lab.   Jake is a willing student who quickly learned sit.  We feel he will benefit greatly from an obedience class which will help harness his puppy energy (Yes Labs are still puppies at two.) and be a bonding experience for his new family.  Jake does well with other dogs both large and small and plays with all appropriately at the dog park.   Jake will require a fenced yard with a high fence or strong tie out.  He has a tendency to want to visit the neighbors.
Jake will be offered at one half our usual fee since he is not a purebred cocker.  In addition Shorewood Cocker Rescue will reimburse his new family $75 toward the cost of an obedience class once he has completed the course.

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