Jaylee 121


Jaylee [Adopted 8/12/2012] is a beautiful white with buff female that came to Shorewood from South Carolina to have heartworm treatment. Heartworm is easily prevented, but if one doesn't treat the dog, the cost is enormous and is very hard on the dog. Jaylee is a trooper, and at 22 pounds, she is a spunky girl with lots of life and love to give to her forever home. Because she has been treated for heartworm, she will require a monthly heartworm treatment, which is recommended for our cockers anyway. The HeartGuard Plus is easily gotten at any vet office.

Jaylee is 5 years old and loving life in her current foster home. She gets along with other dogs and loves her people. She is sight impaired due to cataracts but doesn't let this slow her down, she gets around very well by smell and familiarizes herself with her new surroundings very quickly. She comes when she is called and knows her sit command. She likes to chew on bones and getting treats, she will 'ask' for them often. After her evening walk she loves to sit on the couch right next to her person and follows her foster mom everywhere throughout the day. She is crate trained and house trained, although you do need to make sure she does her business outside before she comes back in; she loves the outdoors and spends a great deal of time sniffing around instead of the business at hand. She does counter surf and will check out garbage cans in true cocker fashion. She isn't great on a leash and has been using a harness at my house to go outside since she pulls.