Jazmine 121


Jazmine [Adopted 6/10/2011] is a beautiful chocolate and tan female cocker that will be 7 years old in June. She is a smaller girl, weighing around 22 pounds. She is the sweetest thing and loves her people. Jazmine came to us from a breeding facility in Iowa and is now ready to be the baby of the family she goes to. We ask that you not change her name as she has become very used to it and she responds well to it. She is a shadow that will follow you from room to room just to be near her people and she loves to ride in the car. She will go for short walks with pleasure. Once Jazz is comfortable in her situation she will even roll over for belly rubs. Jazmine has been working on her house training with great success and she is ready to go to a forever home. Take a look at her face; how can you say “no” to all of that sweetness?