Lacey [Adopted 6/26/2012] is a four year old black and tan female that came to Shorewood from a breeding facility in the south. She is learning to trust people and be s house pet instead of producing puppies for a living. Lacey likes to hang around her foster mom the most but also is learning to trust her foster dad. She gets along with other dogs in the home and prefers to snuggle and be close to at least one. This is her security blanket for her and the mother instinct in her as well.
Because of her background Lacey will require an above ground, secure fence and another dog in the home so that she can continue to learn how to be a loved house pet. Lacey is sweet and loving, but also has puppy energy in her. She is just starting to learn what toys and bones are for. Her new family will need to be sure they have appropriate chew items available. Her forever home will also need some patience while Lacey adapts to her new environment and people in her life. She is doing well on her house training but will need some reinforcement.  Lacey is also crate trained, but prefers not to be in one for too long.
Lacey’s favorite “game” right now is to jump all over her foster mom while she is in bed reading. Although this behavior typically would not be encouraged while we are fostering a dog, this is HUGE for a breeder dog like Lacey. She will pounce and kiss and nuzzle as if to say you have been there too long and it is time to play! Then she will snuggle in for some quiet time. She does well on her leash with encouragement, but loud and sudden noises still scare her so you want to be sure to hold on well if she startles.