Latte [Adopted 7/28/2012] is an 8 year old chocolate female who came to us from a commercial breeder.  She is sweet and very loving,  Initially she is quite shy but it does not take her long to warm up.  She is crate trained and does use the doggy door in her foster home.  When taken out on a leash she understands what she is out for.  In a home without a doggy door, it might take her a day or two to learn the routine. When we did the dental on Latte, we were forced to pull 7 teeth.  She appears to have lost 6 or 7 before that.  We just moisten her kibble and she does just fine.  Latte is extremely intelligent and quickly learned her name.  She has no aggression issues either animal or human.  She has been a real pleasure to have in my home. Latte adoptors must have a fenced yard do to her background.