Lydia [Adopted 12/1/2012] is a buff, 5 year old female that came to Shorewood from a breeding facility in the south. She is 16 lbs and has one eye (right) that is blue on the top and brown on the bottom. Lydia has come a long way from her early days where she did not understand the loving touch of a human, a kind voice, a soft bed, or the meaning of being a house pet.
She is housetrained and crate trained. Lydia startles easily with all noises until she knows what is creating them and will need a patient owner to let her feel safe in her new home. She follows my cocker spaniel everywhere in the house and yard. She has started ‘doing laps’ and bunny hopping in the yard after she does her business and runs over to me for petting. She will also come to me inside the house for petting and if you stop she gets closer and looks at you until you continue. She is starting to pay attention to the squeaky toys and will run after them, but not bring them back yet. She goes to doggie daycare with my dog and plays well with all the other small dogs there. She loves going for walks around the neighborhood, but is still a little hesitant when we encountered loud noises.
Her new family will need to have some patience, a secure above ground fence, another dog (so Lydia can learn from it and feel safe), and lots of love. Due to her history no children in the adoptive family is preferred.