Maddy [Adopted 1/15/2012] is a 5-7 year old red female cocker who came to us from a commercial breeder in Missouri.  Within days of coming to our home, she was a part of the  family, catching on to the routine quickly.  Maddy is a very affectionate, loving dog.  She is cautious when first meeting people/dogs, but soon warms to them once she is assured that all is fine.  She gets along well with the other dogs in our home, but she prefers to sit and be held by humans over any other activity.  Recently, she has discovered the squirrels in the backyard, so she enjoys chasing them.  

Maddy is crate trained and house trained; she goes to the door when she has to go out.   Maddy is learning her name, but always comes when any of our dogs are called.  She is also learning "down, no, off".  She has chewed a few things that weren't meant for her, so we have been more careful about what is left in her reach.  We have not seen her with cats.  It would be best if she had an above ground fenced-in yard, as she is still more hesitant and scared outside of her home and yard.

Maddy is a beautiful dog with a great personality.  She aims to please.