Piper 111


Piper [Adopted 3/14/2012] is a sweet, 5 year old female that came into rescue as a breeder release in MO. She is a small cocker, but needs to lose a couple of pounds. Piper has cataracts in both of her eyes which limits her vision, but she gets around great. In very bright light or total darkness she does move more cautiously. She is a very snuggly, sweet young lady who is never more than three feet from her foster mom. Piper is nervous around new people, especially men due to her background, but after a short period of time she warms up. She gets along with all of the other dogs in the home, and can often be found snuggled up with another dog. Piper is crate trained and house trained and recently has been sleeping out at night next to our bed and also loves her dog sofa/bed. Because of Piper’s mill background, she will require a sturdy above-ground fence in her new home, and she would be happiest to have another companion dog in her home to snuggle with. Piper has a lot of love to give; are you ready to receive it?