Princess 122


Princess [Adopted 7/5/2012] is a silver buff female cocker that came to Shorewood from a hoarding seizure and was aged at 3 years old. We would estimate it is more 3-5 years old. Poor Princess had 7 teeth removed when we did her dental. She gets along fine with her foster sister but is looking for a forever home where she won’t be lost in a crowd of dogs. She has been learning to walk well on leash and is starting to enjoy it. Princess is not much of a toy player. She is crate trained and house trained but because of her previous lifestyle, you will want to watch her to make sure she goes. Princess is not used to being let out on a regular basis so her body is still acclimating to the chance to go out more than once or twice a day. She seems to do her business better while walking on her leash. We do believe once Princess learns to open up to her new, positive surroundings, she will learn the things she needs to enjoy life as a house pet and family member. Princess just recently got her summer cut, so she looks like a little lab pup, but when her coat grows back she will look more like her photo here.