Rosie 122


Rosie [Adopted 6/1/2012] is a beautiful red and white 5-6 year old little girl. She is sweet and came from a puppy mill/commercial breeder. She is doing very well in her foster home but is very ready to move on to her forever home. Because of her background, Rosie will absolutely have to have a fenced yard and another canine companion in her new home to help her continue to grow.  She tends to follow the group so having a dog companion will be very beneficial.  She is very sweet but shy until she becomes comfortable with her surroundings. She would do best with a female as the primary care taker. Her foster mom has watched her go from hiding in the corner to running around and playing once she gets used to her surroundings. She is very good in her crate and rarely retreats to it for security anymore. She is house trained and does well on a leash with a harness. She can be a naughty girl when bored and particularly likes paper products, so appropriate chew toys would be good, and she does love to play with both soft and hard chew toys. Rosie comes and goes outside with a little patience until she gets used to the lay of the land and she rides well in the car. She enjoys taking walks and loves to be outside and never seems to grow bored with searching for squirrels however she does get jumpy with loud noises. She loves people but takes some time to get to know them and we have found she is leery of children as they move to fast and are too loud for her liking and tends to run and hide. Her foster mom has seen a vast improvement from the scared little girl she was when she came to the rescue to one gaining more confidence with each passing day with a lot of love and patience.