Rudy 121


Rudy [Adopted 2/15/12] is a 7 year old, red male cocker who came to us after being surrendered to a shelter. He is a very sweet dog who loves to be with people. As long as anyone is in the house, he wants to be with them and will do his best to follow us everywhere. When he meets new people, he is very welcoming and happy to meet them. He gets along well with the other dogs in the house. Rudy loves to go outside and is quite a fan of chasing squirrels in the yard. He also enjoys going for walks and is good on a leash.

Rudy is house trained, but he is not happy in a crate. Initially, we had him eat in the crate as well as stay in the crate while we were gone, but he became quite stressed with this and chewed the rug that was in the crate. So now when we go out, we leave him out with our other dogs in our family room, and we have had no problems. At night, Rudy sleeps on a dog bed on the floor, though he would prefer to sleep under the covers with people. He aims to please and takes direction well.

Rudy enjoys chewing toys, though he won't destroy them - just likes to carry them around. He will bark at dogs on the television when he either sees or hears them. (He was quite attentive to the Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday!)  He is also very adorable when he sits up and begs while we are eating dinner. (He gets nothing for that however!)

Rudy is a lovable dog who would make a great pet for a new family.