Scooby [Adopted 3/10/2012] was a discarded dog. He was found as a stray and brought to a shelter. When his owner was contacted, she told the worker “He’s old. I don’t want him. ” And so she apparently turned him loose to fend for himself. A shelter worker spotted this sweet pup and knew that because of the crowded conditions, he would likely be euthanized. So she kept him in her office and until Shorewood Cocker Rescue came into play. Yes, Scooby is old, he’s 13+ years and is deaf - but he’s certainly not disposable. This gentle, loving pup has a surprising amount of energy and bounce to his step and has had no problem keeping up with his 6-year old foster sister and 2-year old foster brother. Even though he has cataracts, they don’t seem to hamper him and he has had no problems getting around. He enjoys regularly checking out his back yard and loves to go for walks, but he especially loves his people and excitedly greets them when they come home. A good back rub or scratch behind his ears is more than welcome.
In his previous life he must have been trained to take care of business every time he goes out. He’s never had an accident in his house so there has been no need to crate him. His foster siblings think he’s just fine and Scooby enjoys having canine company.
Can’t imagine or understand how someone could have just tossed out Scooby because of his age. He’s just a happy, very good pup who has a lot of love to give. This little guy deserves a loving home for his golden years