Simon [Adoped 10/28/2012] is a handsome red, male cocker with a bit of freckling on his nose. He is estimated to be approximately 4-5 years old and came to Shorewood as a stray from Chicago. Simon had to have been a much loved pet as he had been recently groomed and was very healthy, but no microchip to track back to his people. He is missing them as much as they must miss him, and he is looking for a forever home that will keep him close so he doesn 't lose them ever again.
Simon does love to play with toys, and has tried to interact with the younger cockers in his foster home. They play a little too hard for his liking and the rest of the cockers are much older and don 't play at all. Simon obviously does well with other dogs and hasn 't met a person he doesn 't like yet either. Simon is crate trained and house trained. He likes to go for walks on a leash. Because he was a stray, we would recommend an above ground fence or tie-out system for him, and he does not like to be put outside without a person to go with him to show he has done his business and be praised.
Simon is looking for his perfect forever home; could it be you? He is waiting for you!