Snoopy 111

snoopy111Snoopy [Adopt 6/16/2012] is an 8 year old female (24 lbs) who came to us after a shelter found her running loose.  She seems to have the personality of a puppy mill dog, so think that she may have been dumped.  The shelter told us they had a male dog for us to pick up, but much to our surprise, it was actually a female dog badly in need of a haircut.

After her haircut Snoopy became quite the princess.  She is good at the groomer (currently groomed every 7 weeks), good in the car, and does well with her foster family (dogs and humans).  Snoopy is timid around new people and lives up to her name.  She likes to '"snoop" around and has begun walking up to new people.

Snoopy would be the perfect dog for a lower key home, and hopefully one where a human is home most of the day as that's what she's used to..  Snoopy would be a good match for someone who understands and respects her timid nature.  At her foster home she follows her foster mom around all the time, but is not an in your face type of dog.  She loves her foster mom, but loves her from a few feet away.  This will go away in time, but it will take her awhile to earn the trust of her new people.  Some dog obedience classes would help her gain trust.

Snoopy MUST go to a home with a secure above ground fence, OR a condo type home where she would not immediately be outside if she snuck out an inner door (like a condo with a common hallway before there are exterior doors).  There will be no exceptions.  She cannot run free outside as she would never be caught. 

Snoopy is crate trained and walks well on a leash.  She is housebroken, but does need to go out every few hours if she's allowed to run free..  She will need a crate in her new home.  Snoopy does fine with other dogs.  She has not been exposed to cats, but we think she would be fine after an initial sniff. 

Because Snoopy is just learning how to live in a home, she has some puppy characteristics.  Her new family will need to make sure that she has appropriate items to chew on.