Speckles 121


Speckles [Adopted 3/30/2012] is a beautiful 2 year old female that has a marvelous sable coloring and blue eyes. Speckles came to us in rescue from a breeder in MO. She was a little shy when she first came in, but she warmed up quickly when she found herself in a foster home with lots of other canines to show her the ropes. Speckles is a very smart girl, and is grasping the concept of housetraining very quickly. She also has learned to sit and wait for her treat with the others. Speckles has lots of energy, and loves to run around in her fenced yard with the others to burn her puppy energy off. She will also need proper chew toys to occupy her or she might find something she should not chew on. When Speckles found a shoe, she went to get it and was told “no” and she left it alone.
Because of Speckles background, her new forever family will be required to have a fenced in yard and at least one other canine companion in the home to continue her lessons on how to be a good canine citizen.