Sugar [Adopted 4/6/2012] is an 8 year Blk/Tan female with a white muzzle who came to us from a southern shelter.  Initially she was found to have crystals in her urine and was placed on a prescription diet.  In December it was decided to try a regular commercial diet. She is thriving on this diet. She is happier, more active and  NO CRYSTALS.   WE do feel that she must be kept on the same food  which is a duck based grain free food.  We did determine that Sugar is allergic to chicken.  Chicken was also an ingredient in the prescription diet.

Sugar is very quiet, never barks and is sweet as her name indicates.  She is house trained and crate trained.   She would do best in a fenced yard as she likes to explore.  If she does not have a fence she must not be left off leash because she will wander away.