Velvet 111

Velvet [Adopted October 23, 2012] is a 5-6 year old female who has an amazing history.  We first heard about Velvet in July 2010.  She was being cared for by a wonderful woman who ran a small rescue in North Carolina  Velvet weighed 73 pounds.  She suffered from severe dry eye and her body was covered with scabs. Most of her hair was gone.  Velvet was hypothyroid..  She was started on thyroid meds and her weight started to decrease..  She was in such bad shape she could hardly walk.  In her condition, she could not make the long trip to Wisconsin.  Finally in September we were able to get her on a Pilots and Paws flight to Illinois.    She weighed 53 pounds at that time.  We started to treat her dry eye and she continued with medicated baths to remove the scabs. She slowly started to move a little faster.  Today  Velvet weighs 32 pounds which is still about 5 pounds too much but she is working on losing some more weight

Velvet is a quiet dog who loves attention.  She is totally housetrained and crate trained.  She most likely  will need drops in her eyes for the rest of her life.  We have been able to reduce the strength of the drops.  Her ears will need to be monitored and she would benefit from being bathed with medicated shampoo when  she is groomed.