Freckles [Adopted 9/29/14] is a red, male Cocker Spaniel, estimated to be between one and two years old. He came to the rescue from a shelter. Freckles is a very friendly, active, playful puppy who is house trained and crate trained, especially at night. He loves to play with toys, balls, and other dogs. Freckles gets along very well with the dogs in his foster home. He comes when called most of the time, walks well on a leash, and enjoys chasing squirrels, rabbits, and birds - though he has yet to come close to catching them!

While Freckles has a lot of energy, he is very people oriented - he loves to sit with us and thrives on our attention and acceptance. He is learning his boundaries, though the hardest one is keeping away from the kitchen counters!┬áHe is a puppy, so will continue to need to have boundaries set for him. Freckles does understand the word “no”, and he appears to be “open” to training; he is very food oriented. In fact, he needs to gain a little weight to grow into the size of his head. He is also very praise oriented, and would be make a loyal companion for someone willing to spend the time to continue to school him in the social graces.