Lucy 141

Lucy141aLucy [adoptd 8/30/14] is a dog that never seems to get a break.    She first came to rescue at the age of 5 as a victim of the recession.  She had been competing in Agility.  She was returned within weeks because her new owner soon realized that agility dogs are athletes and need lots of exercise.  She then found another home. We thought it would be her forever home until her owner unexpectedly passed away.  Now Lucy was 10 and again looking for a home.  She was given to a neighbor who soon found that Lucy was more than she could handle.  She then returned to Shorewood Cocker Rescue at the age of 11.  Lucy now is desperately looking for a home without a yard.  You see her favorite pastime is digging up flowers or other landscaping.    She really doesn't understand why people get upset.  She thinks she is helping.  She also likes to get in the garbage.  To be honest I have not found many cockers who won’t given the opportunity.  She would be a wonderful dog for an apartment as she doesn't mind a crate and she NEVER barks.  She is fine will all other animals and is housetrained.  Other than her garbage addiction she is not destructive in the least.  We are told that a few years ago she has some sort of neurological problem which left with a slight head tilt.  It does not bother her at all and in fact is rather charming.