Max 141



Max [adopted 9/13/14] was as Pet store puppy.  He was surrendered with his buddy Bingo.  We soon learned that Mac had seizures so regretfully we made the decision to separate the two dogs.  In addition to treating Max's seizures we were very concerned about his weight.  He only weighed 19 pounds when he should have weighed  about 25 pounds.  After trying many things, we found a food that Max just loves. It is a national brand and readily available.  In the last month he has gained a pound and a half.  He still looks like his long legs don't belong to his body.  Max should have a fenced yard because he loves to run and chase birds.  He has a tremendous amount of energy.  When in the house he is content to look out the window, I am sure he is scoping out the birds. His seizure meds are not expensive costing a little under $10 a month.  Max just turned 4 years old.

Foster home update 8/28/14

Max gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home. He is somewhat shy when he first meets someone. When he is comfortable with a new person he is very friendly and loves to have his ears scratched and be petted.

He does not like being crated but we don’t find it necessary to use one. He is fully house trained. He loves to sleep under our bed. There are dog beds in our room but he prefers the comfort of being under the bed. He is a sweetheart who will make a wonderful companion for some lucky people. He would do fine with another dog or by himself.