scarlet143aMulligan [Adopted 12/23/2014] is a very handsome black and tan male with a constantly wagging tail, estimated to be about 9 years old. After his owner went into the hospital, police picked him up and brought him to a shelter where he stayed for more than 3 weeks until SCR was contacted and took him in.

He’s definitely a “people” dog - very friendly, happy and gentle and loves nothing better than being with his person. He especially loves cuddling on the couch. Mulligan doesn’t know, or act, his age. He’s energetic but will also lie quietly near you. Going for walks is one of his favorite activities and he walks well without pulling.

Initially he had a few accidents (understandable after being caged for more than 3 weeks!) but has had a “clean” record for about the past five weeks. He’s crate trained (fed in his crate), willingly goes in when asked and doesn’t complain. Of course he appreciates a little “reward” for his cooperation!

He gets along with other dogs but has not been around cats or children. As his name implies, this gentleman deserves a second chance and is looking forward to finding his forever home for his golden years!