Ali 131

ali131aAli [Adopted 1/4/2014] is a 6 year old, red and white female cocker who came to us from a breeder who has personal health issues. She is a very energetic, happy dog who loves to run outside in the yard. She also loves to play with toys and balls inside the house, and will entertain herself with the toys for quite a while. She does settle down well in the house, and enjoys sitting with us as well as the other dogs. Ali gets along well with our other cockers, as well as other dogs she has had contact with.

It has taken her some time to get used to a home situation, but she has learned to follow the routines of the household well. Ali is crate trained, and has made tremendous strides toward being house trained. She goes to the door when she wants to go out, and understands what she is to do outside. When she first came to us, she was extremely interested in following all of the smells in the yard, and chasing all of the squirrels and birds she could see. After much practice on a leash, she is now able to go outside and attend to what she needs to do. Only then do we let her loose on the squirrels!

Ali comes when she is called - most of the time, and enjoys walking and riding in the car. Initially, she was curious about most of the items in the house that she could reach. For instance, she would take the key out of the gas fireplace and walk around with it in her mouth. Over the past few weeks, she has learned what is hers and what is not.

Ali is a very happy, friendly dog who would make a wonderful pet.