Brandi 141

Brandi 141aBrandi (Adopted 8, 2014) is a 10 year old white and buff girl that was surrendered after her owner went into a nursing home.  She's still quite active, and though her age is 10, she doesn't know it.  She keeps up quite well with her much younger foster sister, but doesn't like cats.  Brandi loves to go for a walk, but still could use some more training walking on a leash.  Her other past time is looking out the window and letting us know when there is activity outside.  She is used to having a loving hand pet her and will nudge your hand if you stop to rest.  She can't make it up on the bed, but is quite happy to sleep on the floor beside the bed.  She does not like thunderstorms and the first night overcame her fear of the baby gate during the thunder and lightning to sleep next to us.  She didn't make a sound though so we didn't even know she came to sleep by the bed.  She is housetrained and has the run of the house when we leave.  She has a gentle soul and is a very sweet girl looking for her forever family.