Cocoa 141


Hello, my name is Cocoa [Adopted 8/30/2014]. I am about 2.5 years old now. I’m a brown colored little girl with a couple of white accents and foster mom says I am very sweet and loving and that no one gives better kisses and cuddles than I do! I love all human females and am working on accepting men as well, although I am very selective with men as I didn’t grow up around them and may bark at them the first couple times I meet them. I can never have enough attention from foster mom and any other ladies and once I get to know them, men as well. I will make a wonderful companion for someone who really likes an attentive, affectionate girl. I am potty trained and go outside without any issues, however, I’m not crazy about the rain and yucky weather. I’m a mildly active little girl who will play but really would like someone I can cuddle and hang out with. I live with several foster brothers and I like to be the one in charge (or think I am in charge). I will try to boss them around and not share the food or any resources. Sometimes they let me get away with it, other times they’ll put me in my place as they can do so ‘cause they are so much bigger than me. I would much prefer a home where I can be the only dog and not have to share my human’s attention or food.

I am very food motivated and am working on learning the basic commands but foster mom said I can be extremely stubborn. I am used to being in a confined area while foster mom works and am very good in it. It keeps me safe and out of trouble while she’s not home. All I ask is a nice fuzzy toy to cuddle, some type of chew toy to play with and a cushion to sleep on. I LOVE to cuddle with my humans and will sneak up on the bed when foster mom isn’t looking and cuddle with her. I do get along with other dogs that treat me nicely and are submissive, but I am somewhat bossy and want all the attention and resources to myself and will guard them diligently. For this reason, foster mom says I would make a great dog for someone who only wants one! I would really love a new home soon . . . . are you my forever home?