Daphne 141

daphne141aDaphne [Adopted 10/21/2014] is a 7 year old sable and white female.  She came into Rescue because her owner said she was having accidents in the house and they couldn't deal with it.  Daphne had a UTI which was treated successfully.  She also had an ulcer on her eye which was also treated successfully.  She is a very sweet little girl who gets along with the other dogs in the house except occasionally she will growl at them when they come near where she is resting.  She is housebroken and loves to be in her kennel.  She will even go into it when she wants to take a nap.  Walking her on a leash is a little rough because she wants to chase every squirrel and rabbit she sees.  With time, I am sure she will settle down.  Daphne would love to be adopted into a home where they have a yard she can run in.  She likes being outside.  Her favorite spot is sitting on the radiator in the front window.  She would make a great addition to any home.