Ella 141

princess141aUpdate 6/27/14 Ella (141) loves to run around her yard, especially when she has one of her Minnie Mouse toys.  She is so proud of herself, and she looks around to make sure we see her!  Ella has become best friends with her cocker sister Joy, even trying to squeeze into the same bed. She is getting a lot of love these days!

Ella [Adopted 5/2/2014] is a 7 year old buff female who came from a 400 dog Amish puppy mill.  She is just a sweetheart and gets along well with the other dogs in her foster home.  She can be shy when you first meet her but quickly wants to be your friend. She is adjusting well to her new life and needs a forever home that has patience, is calm, and where she can learn to be a dog.  No more of these litters of puppies.  She is crate trained and does very well with housetraining.  She loves to chew on knuckle bones.