Ellie 141

ellie141aEllie [Adopted 8/18/14] is a 20 month old, black, female cocker who came to us from an owner surrender. She is a friendly, energetic pup who loves to play with toys and take walks.

Ellie walks well on a leash, and seems to understand the word “heel”, as she will immediately stay closer to you when told. She is crate trained and is content in her crate at night, when left while we are gone, and when given a short “time out”. She is house trained and will go to the door and either bark or scratch the door when she needs to go outside. She usually comes when she is called, though we are not completely sure that she is coming to her name or to our voices! At times, she is too involved with following the smells in the backyard to come when called, but will sit at the door quietly when ready to come in. Ellie knows the routine of the house, and is able to follow it well. She is a good eater, but slow! She eats her food piece by piece, taking much longer than the other dogs in her foster home. Ellie also rides in the car well for long periods of time.

Being a young dog, she is still learning about the world, and when something comes to her attention that is not recognized, she will bark until we help introduce her to it. She also has a tendency to chew - she particularly enjoys kleenex, newspaper, and book bindings. She also will carry around socks and dishtowels, but doesn’t chew those. Though she has a high activity level, she also is able to stay calm and quiet for long periods of rest. Sometimes all it takes is throwing her ball for her to retrieve or playing tug of war with her for a few minutes to settle her down. Her attention is easily diverted with toys.

Ellie very much wants to play with other dogs, and will bark at them to try to get them interested in playing with her. This works well with most dogs, though not with one of the dogs in her foster home. To that dog, her barking appears to be very confrontational and aggressive, so that dog’s response is confrontational. That dog is an “alpha dog”, and these interactions lead the foster home to recommend that Ellie not be placed in a home with another “alpha” dog. We have seen Ellie in several different surroundings in the time that we have had her, and only when she is with this “alpha” dog, does she not behave - she has been delightful with the other dogs she has been with. We also think that she could be in a home without any other dogs and be happy. She loves attention from people as well. Just make sure she has toys!