haze141aHaze [Adoptied 2/15/14] is a very handsome 7 year old chocolate and tan male who came to us from a breeder. The markings on his face are amazing. Haze gets along very well with the dogs in his foster home and loves everyone he meets...his little tail wags constantly. Haze is crate trained and is working on his housetraining and has come a long way.  He learned the schedule of his foster home quickly and knows that he needs to do his business when he is outside.  Haze does need some work on walking on a leash, but with this severe cold winter weather and ice that we have had recently, we have not had much opportunity to get him out on a leash.  He is not fond of riding in a car, but with more exposure to that, he may find that going for a ride in a car is a fun thing. 
Haze has not been cat tested, but with his calm disposition, I think he would be fine with cats.

Haze does not play with toys, (yet)  but enjoys the company of humans and dogs alike.  He was at an event recently and was a complete gentleman and loved all of the attention that he received.  He is a sweet, sweet boy who will be a loving companion to his forever family. 

haze141c haze141b