J.D. 141

chloe141aJ.D.[Adoped June 20, 2014] is a 3 year-old male, surrendered by his owner, that is very smart (he knows 25 words). J.D. is a red Cocker Spaniel that needs lots of exercise to be content. He’s agile and athletic. JD has leaped from a 5 foot wall and landed on his feet to chase after a bird (to my surprise). He chases bunnies and squirrels on a leash. He could be a faithful and focused agility companion. He loves being outside with his people. He is a well-adjusted, house-trained inside dog that thrives on attention that a one dog family can give. Enjoys kids. He has learned to be a lap dog when allowed to come up. He’ll run around inside the house just for fun after his early morning walk. Although he is crated for long absences; he otherwise has the run of the house. He chooses to stay around where we are. He now sleeps in the bedroom, on his own bed in the evening. He has discovered Knuckle Bones and Chicken Twist rawhide sticks for chewing, one of his hobbies. His other hobby is walking (2-3 times per day). He continues to obedience train and learns tricks, another hobby. He sits, waits, and shakes, and automatically sits at a corner, before he walks in to the street. He can “stand” on his hind legs for a few seconds. He is learning stay, heel, leave-it, down, and socializing with dogs of all sizes on his walks or when he’s with me in the yard. He has no experience around cats. He will make some family a great best friend.

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