Layla 131

coco131Layla [Adopted 3/12/2014] is approximately 13 years old.   Her life changed when her owner died and she was given to a relative that didn't know how to care for a dog.  She was kept outside the entire time she was living with the relative, never groomed .   She was rescued when someone heard about her and she contacted Shorewood to find out if we would take the poor girl in.  Layla was lucky to have someone take an interest in her or she may not have made it through the winter.

She was loved and cared for at one time in her life, this shows by how very sweet and how much she wants to be close to you at all times. She wouldn't mind being the only pup in the home, but does get along with other dogs, males better than females.  She is house-trained and has very good manners. 

Due to all the mattes she had to be shaved, but once her hair grows back she will be a very beautiful girl.  She is looking for the home she deserves to live the rest of her life in.