lucy142aLucy [Adopted 12/5/2014] is a 6 year old, black, female cocker spaniel who came into the rescue as an owner surrender. Lucy is a happy, friendly dog who enjoys sitting and being petted, playing with chew toys, ropes, and bones, and eating. She comes when called, understands “sit”, “no”, and “down”, is house trained, and enjoys riding in the car. Lucy does not use a crate on a regular basis, though she is able to be crated when needed. She walks well on a leash.

Lucy has easily fit into the routine in her foster home. While she gets along with our other dogs, she has had a few altercations with them over toys. She has spent most of her life as an only dog, and clearly prefers the attention of people over other dogs. For these reasons, we feel definitely feel that Lucy would be happiest as the only dog in her new home.