Maggie 141

maggie141aMaggie [Adopted 12/26/2014] is a 9 year old female buff cocker. She was an owner surrender. She is housetrained and very smart about it. She does not want to do her business indoors and she'll bark when she needs to go out. Maggie knows “sit”, “down” and “drop it”. She enjoys fetch with a tennis ball. This is where “drop it” has come in handy. She walks well on a leash but sometimes needs to be coaxed to keep up with me. She loves her food and will hop around merrily when it is feeding time. She seems to be friendly with other dogs but is not real found of our younger cocker wanting to play. She will bark at him and does not want to sit with him. She does enjoy sitting on our laps and likes to give a few happy kisses. We have not put her in a crate. She is out alone during the day when we are away and has not been destructive. I think she sleeps on the sofa while we are gone. She is always at the door to greet us with her excited wiggle butt when we return home. Is she the one to greet you each day?
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