Maui 141

celebration141Maui [Adopted 3/9/2014] is a small dark buff female who is about three years old. She was left behind when her owner moved. A kind neighbor took her in and she ended up at a city shelter. She came to Shorewood from there.

Maui is house and crate trained  She gets along well with the male dogs in her foster home and with another foster dog in the house. She is a bundle of energy and loves to run and run when outside.

Maui loves people. She cries when she can't see us. But she will busy herself with toys and try to play with the other dogs in the house.  Care must be taken in the selection of toy for her because she chews cloth or stuffed toys very quickly. Hard rubber toys or tennis balls keep her active and seem to survive her desire to chew. She loves to play catch.

Maui is a bit of a submissive wetter if she interprets a sudden movement or noise as threatening. She has gotten use to activity around the house with the other dogs and wetting incidents have lessened.