Oreo 141

oreo141aOreo [Adopted 2/9/14] is a 7 year old black-and-white male cocker who ended up in a bad situation when a breeder could no longer care for him. That's when he found us! Oreo is a laid back kind of guy who would love nothing more than for his days to consist of walks outside and cuddling when he's inside. He's not very into toys but he does love his antler to chew on! Oreo can be a very shy and timid at first but opened up to us quickly and has become a perfect companion. Oreo now follows me around the house or lays at my feet when I’m at the table. Oreo has met other dogs of all sizes and loves being with them. He has met a few children and shows no signs of aggression but when meeting new people Oreo is very cautious.  Potty-training is in progress, but he is doing very well and is proving to be a quick learner. Oreo is crate trained and goes in without even being told. We put a blanket in there for him and he seems to think of the crate as his personal comfy space! Oreo knows his name and responds well to the noise “tssst!” when he is doing something he shouldn’t be. Oreo is a very good boy when outside, he doesn’t pull on the leash and he never barks at other dogs or people.

Oreo would make a wonderful pet for someone looking for a companion with a big heart who has unlimited love to give! Though a quiet household would make him most comfortable.