Princess 141

princess141aPrincess [Adopted 3/16/2014] is a small, 4 year old, tri-colored female cocker who came to us from a breeder who has personal health issues. Princess is a delight - she is very friendly, energetic, and strives to please. While initially cautious of new things and people, she adjusts quickly when given time to investigate. Princess has adjusted well to the routine in our house. She loves to play with a ball and keeps herself occupied for hours with it. Princess likes to sit on our laps as well as with our other dogs. She interacts well with all of the dogs we have seen her with. We have not seen her with cats.

Princess is crate trained and is very close to being house trained; she understands what she needs to do outside and will tell you when she has to go out, as long as you are watching her. We are working on getting her to ring a bell on the back door when she has to go out, but at this point, she thinks it is a toy! She comes when she is called, as well as when any of our other dogs are called! She doesn't know her name, but wants to be with us, so she will come to any name called!

Princess would make a wonderful addition to any family.