Hi my name is Scarlet [adopted 10/3/14]. I am 7 years and a little timid and shy around strangers, but once I get to know you; I love to have you pet me and play with me. I get along with other dogs and cats. Scarlet needs some work walking on a leash as she tends to take control and pull, but we are working on that. Scarlet is very playful and is good at playing catch and returning her toy. Scarlet knows her name and will sit on command and will come when she is called. Scarlet is a sweet little dog and is very affectionate.

Update – Scarlet is now getting used to going potty outside on the leash and going to the door when she has to go outside. Scarlet still uses the training pads also. She is also getting better at walking on her leash. She loves to walk around the neighborhood and take in the sights. She likes to be close to people and to be cuddled.