Sebastian 131

paris141b Sebastian [Adopted 4/14/14] is a red, 7 year old male cocker, who came to us from an owner surrender. He is a very sweet, loving dog. Sebastian loves to be with people, as well as other dogs - he doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body! He loves to be petted and will sit with us on the couch for hours. Sebastian comes when called (though it is not clear if he is coming to his name or our voices), he enjoys going on walks, and understands “no”, “sit”, and “stay”. He is house trained and rides in the car well.

Sebastian needs to be in a home situation where he will not be left totally alone at any time. He is fine if people and/or dogs are in the house with him, but when left alone, he panics and becomes very anxious. He is especially anxious when put in a crate, so crating him is not an option. He has been extremely well behaved when in our house and left alone with only our other dogs. Sebastian loves to be reassured and given a hug, especially in new situations.

Sebastian will make a wonderful family pet.