Shane 131

shane131bShane [Adopted 3/15/2014] is an 11 year old Cocker who was surrendered  when his owner developed severe allergies to him.  He is shaved down because she thought that would help her situation and she would be able to keep him. When his coat grows back he will be a beautiful cocker.  Shane is very active for 11 and appears to be very healthy.  He has been an only dog for the bulk of his life but he is a very sweet dog, gets along well with other dogs and loves to chase my cat.  He really doesn't know what to do when she stops and looks at him.  He loves car rides, walks and being close to his owner.  He is not crated at night because he just finds a bed  or my rocking chair and sleeps thru the night. He has settled in very well here but he is ready for his new forever home.  He would do better in a home where someone is home with him because he can be a little verbal when no one is  with him.   He does settle down nicely when you come home.

Foster Home Update:
Shane has been with us for almost 3 months now and has proven himself  a typical, loving cocker.  He has always been an only pet but has fitted in here very well.  He knows now when he gets a treat not to put it on the floor and admire it.  Several times when he turned his head the treat was gone.  Now he knows to eat it right away.  He also loves his bananas and apple slices.  When I am mixing their breakfast he sings and dances around for his bowl.  He is completely house trained and has not had an accident for a long time.  He does go out every 3 or 4 hours with the rest of the dogs. He did very well at the Vet's office when he had his teeth cleaned and the groomer said he is wonderful to groom.  At night he finds himself a nice warm spot and settles in until morning.  He is usually the last one up.  Shane may be 11 years old but he does not know that.  His hair is growing back nicely after having been shaved down and he will have a beautiful coat when it is long again.  Shane would be a wonderful pet for someone who is home all the time as he can be a bit chatty when left alone too long.