She So 141

paris141bShe So [Adopted Jue 21, 2014] Sis an 8 year old Chocolate female that was surrendered by a breeder. She is shy and skittish of new noises but has made great strides during the 2 weeks that she has been in her foster home and is a very SWEET girl.  She does have dry eye in both eyes, so she needs drops in her eyes twice a day. She is learning that routine and does quite well about getting her eye drops. She So has a short hair cut, but when her coat grows in, she will be a very curly girl !!!!    She did well for her bath and for her pedicure.  Her foster mom is suggesting a fenced yard due to her being frightened of noises.....we don't want her scared off.

She So is crate trained and housetrained.  She sleeps quietly in her crate at night but her foster mom says that she also enjoys sleeping on the bed when allowed.   She So now knows her name and comes when she is called. She will stand by the patio door when she needs to go outside.  It took a few days for her to get used to the sliding patio door, but now she comes in and out like a pro.  She would do well in a home with another dog as she picks up on training and interaction from them. She really enjoys the company of her foster dog siblings and they will snuggle together in the evenings. She So is adjusting to her new life and would benefit from a forever home that is on the calmer side. but her foster home is far from "calm" and she is getting used to living here.  She So enjoys riding in the car and will look out the window at the passing scenery.  She doesn't do great on a leash, but that will improve with her growing confidence.  Everything is new to her.   She is a really nice, sweet girl and she is looking for her forever home where she can live a Happy life !!!  Her nick name in her foster home is  "She So Pretty" !!