Stella 141

stella141aStella [Adopted 9/13/14] came to Shorewood Cocker Rescue last year from a commercial breeder. She was not well socialized and was cautious and timid when she arrived. Stella is crate trained and goes outside when she leaves the crate. Her house training is about 90%. She likes company when she is outside and will need to go out within half an hour of getting up or after eating. She gets along well with other dogs and cats. She is a good walker and doesn't leave your side.

She is calm and quiet, reserves her barking for when her foster mom pulls into the driveway. She follows her foster mom around all day. She doesn't jump on furniture or people, and uses a small step stool to get on the couch with her foster family. She will shred paper that falls to the floor. She doesn't play with plastic or squeaky toys. She likes an occasional knee cap bone or pig ear.

She really loves human companionship and gets silly and rolls around when she is petted. Stella loves petting. She is about 7 years old and has a lot of life and love to give to a new family. Her hair didn't grow for some time and she takes an inexpensive thyroid pill twice a day. She Stella is a very happy dog who would loves new adventures and deserves a second chance at life with a family.