Tilly 141

tilly141bTilly [Adopted 7/26/2014] came to Shorewood Cocker Rescue a year ago from a commercial breeder. She had little socialization so as a result she is very cautious and sensitive. This little lady has come a long way! She is crate trained and comes to you when you call her. Her house training is 95% she just needs to get some yard time first thing in the morning. She lives with six calm and disciplined dogs and gets along very well with them. Tilly has shown little interest in cats and prefers to be by people or animals she has built a trust with. A fenced in yard is still recommended. Squeaky toys aren't her thing, she prefers to chew on natural items such as deer antler and hooves. She is 7 years old and has a lot of life and love to give to a calm and understanding family. A home with a well adjusted dog for her to follow would suit her best! Tilly is dog who truly deserves a second chance.