Trigger[Adopted 10/25/2014] is a handsome six year old black male who was surrendered to a city shelter which contacted Shorewood. He is house and crate trained.

Trigger is sleeping in a crate which he voluntarily goes to at his foster home. It is not necessary that he sleep in the crate but he seems to like it and is comfortable in there. Trigger gets along well with the two dogs in his foster home, one is female the other is a male. He isn’t too sure about cats and large dogs he doesn’t know. He has been exposed to our friends larger dog and they get along fine.

Trigger definitely likes to be around people. He follows both of us around the house and wants to be near us when we are sitting or working on projects. He likes to play with toys, he prefers soft toys which he chews on and shakes vigorously. He also plays with both of our dogs outside but checks often to see where we are. He is very interested in food and can reach any food left near the edge of the counter top or kitchen table.

Trigger responds to his name and comes when called. He understands “no” and “sit” and “stay”. He is a sweet dog and wants to please us. He is active but settles down nicely at the end of a busy day of play or after a long walk. He will make a loving companion for whoever is lucky enough to adopt him.