Akron 151

gypsy151Akron [Adopted August 2015] is a handsome 8 year-old black male with a beautiful coat who came to Shorewood as a private surrender. He is a loving dog that just wants to be loved and craves human attention. Akron gets along well with his foster brother and has followed his lead on learning the routines of the house.

Akron loves to sit with me on the couch and is just as happy sitting on the floor at your feet. He walks well on a leash and loves going for walks. Akron comes when called, knows commands (“sit”, “no”, “stay”, “lay down”), and does well riding in a car. Akron really enjoys when I throw a ball or toy for him to fetch. He could do this for hours if I could. He is also showing an interest in chew bones.

Akron is not crated at my place and does fine when I leave. I have not observed any reason to crate him. Akron does not appear to like being crated and sleeps with me at the foot of my bed.

Akron can be shy when meeting people and dogs for the first time, but does warm up to them. He does well with smaller dogs of his own size and is working on his confidence with larger dogs. In the short time he has been with me, his confidence level is improving.

Akron will do well in a house as an only dog or with another dog. He will do best in a home with people who will take him on a lot of walks and make time to play with him. Akron will make a great companion for some lucky person. I will really miss him when he finds his forever home. 

Gypsy151b AKRON