Brewer 151

brewer151aBrewer [Adopted 8/15] is a 7 year old male that came  into Rescue from a shelter in Wisconsin where he had been surrendered by his owner. Brewer was very sick, underweight and his coat was in bad shape.    After being in Rescue for several weeks, he is ready to find his new forever home. He is a  very sweet dog and gets along with the other dogs in my home.  He was fascinated by my cat but does not bother her.   Brewer's favorite place is in my lap and he sleeps right next to me on the bed.   We are working on his walking on a leash but because of the cold weather we have not done very much of that. He does not play with toys or chew on knuckle bones. Maybe he doesn't know what they are for. He is black and white and as you can see from his picture, he is a beautiful dog with a long tail. Brewer would probably do best in a home with older children and another dog. He gets a bit excited when left alone. He will make someone a wonderful addition to their family.

Update 3/15/15: "Brewer has been with me for about 2 months.  He is a pleasure to have around.  Even though he was an only dog, he gets along  well with my other dogs.  He is a lot more confident now than he was when he came and doesn't need to sit on my lap all the time.  At night he finds a bed and settles in nicely.  Sometime during the night he will come into my bedroom and cuddle up next to me.  He listens well and comes when called.  He would make a great addition to any family but would probably be best with another dog."