Cassie 151

cassie151aCassie [Adopted 6/9/15] is an adorable 2-3 year old black and white female. She was found in a house that had been vacated for three days and was brought to a shelter.

They noticed she had a very bad limp and determined that her left front leg had a poorly healed fractured elbow. They decided that the simplest solution would be amputation. A volunteer saw this little girl, thought she should be given a chance and contacted SCR. She was picked up in late December and in mid-January underwent 5 hour reconstructive surgery.

She has been a real trooper through all her physical therapy and has never complained. She will/does have arthritis and will always have a limp, but she loves her walks especially those with her foster brother and sister. After all she's been through, she's a very lovable little wigglebutt who is really looking forward to joining her loving, forever home. Her best is yet to come.