Cubby 142

lucy142aCubby (Cubs) [Adopted 7/12/2015] is a 9 year old chocolate cocker with a white chest.  He is housebroken and will sleep in a kennel if we are out of the house, but we haven't crated him since the first night we had him.  He sleeps happily in a dog bed in our bathroom, but would much prefer to sleep on our bed.  He's a pretty quiet guy, but he does bark when he's outside and when someone rings the doorbell.  Cubby was raised in a loving home as an only dog and when his mom got too old, he was brought to us by her daughter who was heartbroken to let him go.  He would do well in a home as an only dog, but he gets along well with his foster sister so another dog in the house wouldn't be a problem.  We do not know how he is with cats or small children.  He's a pretty active 9 year old, walks very well on a leash.  However, he is a leash biter (he chewed through the leash before the walk was over) so now he goes out on a chain leash and does just fine.  He likes toys and especially his doggy bones, which he chews on.  He's doesn't seem possessive and will let us take toys and the bones away from him.  He does have an itchy spot on his back which we are trying to relieve by feeding him a seafood and sweet potato dog food and adding salmon oil.  All in all, he's a very loving, gentle soul and would be a wonderful addition to any family.  Could that family be yours?lucy142