Da Vinci 151

davinci151aDaVinci [Adopted 4/11/15] is a 3-year old male merle-parti Cocker. He comes to Shorewood from another rescue.

He is a social dog, he wants to be with us all the time or with another dog. We strongly recommend he go to a home with another dog. He gets very vocal and upset when left alone.

DaVinci gets along well with the dogs in his foster home. He plays with both of them. He loves soft stuffed toys, almost always has one in his mouth. He is very willing to share them.

DaVinci has been stubborn about house training. He is catching on to our routine and is starting to let us know when he has to go out. He will need work in his new home as he adjusts to change slowly. He is timid and unsure until he becomes comfortable in his environment, then he becomes a playful and loving dog.

DaVinci will be a loyal loving companion for some lucky people. He always finds a way to make us laugh. He is crate trained and willing to go into it to sleep at night although he would prefer to sleep on his master’s bed. He is learning some basic commands like sit although it is very hard for him to sit when his whole body is wiggling in excitement.